Dominance of Earth takes inspiration from the Rex Incognito books found within the Genshin Impact universe. The goal of the zine is to explore the possible experiences of Zhongli, from pre-godhood all the way to retirement.The zine emphasizes a balance between writing and art in order to allow for a variety of interpretations of Zhongli’s character.For questions and concerns, please contact us via our Twitter DMs! It is the fastest way to reach us.


Dominance of Earth is an upcoming fanzine about Zhongli, focusing on the various parts of his life beginning with his time as the prime adeptus. Our idea is to break the zine into sections that correspond with the different pieces of his timeline (pre-Godhood, Early Godhood, Archon War, Post-Archon War, and Retirement), and we want to format the zine as though it was a storybook/piece of fiction, akin to Rex Incognito in Genshin's story.This carrd updates periodically – please check in for changes!Please see our info doc for more information.
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Nice to meet you! I'm a contributor for Raging Tide (@tartagliazine), and I've done some work on a zine for a previous fandom. I'm also the current graphics mod for the Genshin School Zine (@genshinschool) and Abyssal Hearts (@chaeyazine). When I'm not writing, I love playing in photoshop, and I even make my own layouts on twitter.Zhongli is my favorite character ever and I am really excited for this project.

Greetings, this is Freya!All I do is write. Really. I love theorizing and writing introspective stories. Zhongli was the reason I started playing Genshin so I'm very excited to be part of a project that celebrates him. I hope this zine will reflect how well he lends himself to written character studies while indulging and expanding on his rich in-game lore. From pre-godhood to retirement, there is plenty to explore. I'll be looking forward to seeing our contributors' interpretations!Current Organization Mod for Gorou Zine
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Hi there, I'm Crow! My favorite thing about Zhongli is his design — the beautiful sunset oranges always capture my attention (and his character) to the fullest.I finished up my fine arts degree a year ago and I love continuing new art projects — I'm so excited for my work on Dominance of Earth!Head Mod on TIMV! K1-B0 Zine
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Hi, I'm Tiff, the local spud who enjoys graphics and angst. Zhongli and his beautifully sculpted ass is what got me into Genshin, so I'm super excited to be working on this zine with everyone!Graphics mod for:
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Hello! I'm a writer and CN-EN translator contributing to Fleurette (@genshinflowers) and Trainers of Teyvat (@pokemongenshin). I'm also the Chinese Communications Mod for Resonant Waves (@resonantzine) and Sun Kissed (@sunkissedaether)!Zhongli is the embodiment of the Chinese concept of a 君子, and an amazingly written character that captures the values of my culture and identity. He's fictional, but has managed to relate what I love to what I desire to grow closer to and learn more about. A character built with history, knowledge, and composure of a God of the heavens, cruel yet kind, distant yet familiar. Also he's hot and has a great ass.